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1969 Miles: The Lost Quintet Tree

1969 Miles: The Lost Quintet Tree

The Lost Quintet refers the Miles Davis Band from 1969 that included Miles Davis (trumpet) with Dave Holland (bass), Wayne Shorter (Tenor and soprano Sax), Jack Dejohnette (Drums) and Chick Corea (keyboards).  This astounding ensemble created transitional music during volatile cultural and political times.

For a good overview of the band during this period, you can check out the review for Miles Davis Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1970): It’s About That Time (Columbia / Legacy) by Chris Slawecki.  You might also take a look at  the review for the same release by Dominique Leone.  A cursory Internet search will will yield plenty of other references to the L5.

If you get a copy of A Miles Davis Reader edited by Bill Kirchner, you will find an article called "The Lost Quintet" by Peter Keepnews.  Most of the later Miles biographies have plenty of detail about this musical era too.

1969 Miles: The Lost Quintet Tree (12 CDs) has been capably administered by Scott Peterson, with help from various Daemons and Wizards who are fellow Mileslist MFs.   Notable among the D&W is Londoner Scott Kiehl who prepared and hosted the initial sign-up web site.  We are all indebted to Scott K. for bringing Miles trees into the Web world. 

The subscription to the L5 tree closed on July 4th, 2003 and is now in propagation mode.  If you did not get in on this tree, we are sure it will soon begin to crop up on numerous trade lists and trade groups such as All_Jazz.  You can click here to sign up for announcements of future Miles Trees.

We have begun adding various information about the L5 Tree here, inlcuding setliststree structures, cover art, and subscriber reviews (coming soon).  Just for fun, we have also posted some examples of cover art from various L5 bootlegs that are in wide circulation already.

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