Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miles LX: Coltrane and Beyond

In September 2003 the Miles LX Tree was announced :

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The Miles LX Tree is now open for subscription.  

This is a 7CD Audio tree, which will also be available in .SHN format (# of .SHN discs to be determined). 

Here is what Miles LX includes:

March 21, 1960 (2) Great set that's not as widely available as 3/22.
March 24, 1960 (1) Another great show that's not in common distribution
April 9, 1960 (1) Coltrane's last show. Nuff said.
October 13, 1960 (3) Chosen over 9/27 Manchester because, again, it's not as widely circulated. Good Sonny Stitt example.

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